Plume Algiers opened in late July, 2020 and is owned by executive chef Tyler Stuart and Merritt Coscia. White Horse Visuals was hired to travel to New Orleans to film & document their incredible restaurant that serves up regional Indian cuisine.

Tyler wanted us to focus on four things for this video; the food, the location, their travels, and the members in the community. Algiers is a little neighborhood just over a mile away from the French Quarter in New Orleans, LA that is bursting with character.


This video shows the story of Merritt and Tyler, who traveled to 10 different parts of India in 2017 on a mission to learn the proper ways of cooking Indian cuisine. They returned being fed up with how Indian food was represented in the US, and decided to open up a restaurant that would educate guests on proper regional Indian cuisine. We also dive into the comparisons of climate between India and Louisiana and how they are able to grow produce that is native to Indian culture.


Aside from this we also learn about a couple people in the community who Tyler and Merritt have become close with. First is Mark, who runs a community garden in the neighborhood. Mark grows a wide variety of produce and allows not only Tyler and Merritt, but anyone in the community to come pick from his garden. We also meet local artist Jamar Pierce and how he was able to collaborate with Merritt and Tyler in creating a beautiful mural for their restaurant that represents their travels.