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Tracy Motors is a Cadillac and Chevrolet dealership located in Plymouth, MA. In March of 2021, White Horse Visuals was hired by Tracy Motors to help their dealership stand out, while also keeping their messaging close to the local community. We began creating advertisements and marketing materials in locations that the people of the south shore, more specifically Plymouth, may recognize. 

Shortly after being brought on, the dealership purchased some TV ad space for 30 second commercials. So we got to work, storyboarding, scouting locations, hiring actors, and planning out a series of three commercials which would follow a construction supervisor Mother (Kim Fogelgren) and her children. 

The goal was to create a story of a day in Plymouth between the three commercials. From her morning cup of coffee at Water Street Cafe, to an afternoon with her children at Plymouth Beach, and finally winding down night at Moonrise Cinema drive-in theatre. The three commercials would also highlight the versatility of the Chevy Silverado and the Chevy Tahoe showing them in both on and off-road settings.

The first two commercials were shot in the same day which we finished up moments before a windy thunderstorm running through the beach, which took a ton of editing went into cover up the sand whipping winds, and light rain that was actually occurring at the time it was shot. 

The third commercial was shot a few weeks after at Moonrise Cinema. Tracy Motors had become the presenting sponsor for the new drive-in movie theatre, and wanted to create a sort of ‘meta’ vibe to the commercial having the family watching their own story as they watch the previews. Fun fact, the entire screen seen in this commercial was created in post production, as high winds caused the Moonrise staff to take down their screen before we filmed.


In November 2021, we filmed our fall commercial promoting clients to order their 2022 Cadillac Escalade. For this shoot we used Morton Park in Plymouth to film this foliage filled commercial showcasing the Escalade and promoting South Shore lifestyle.


Another facet of our work with Tracy Motors is our monthly photoshoots where we take a vehicle out to get some photos that we use for their social media, web banners which we design monthly, as well as any other marketing materials they may want us to create throughout the month.